Newsletter 4

Here it is, the final newsletter in the Erasmus+ Game-Ed project. We held so many activities in the last few months of the project and had fun testing the game! Check out what we did! newsletter_4_game-ed_English newsletter_4_game-ed_Hungarian newsletter_4_game-ed_Romanian newsletter_4_game-ed_Slovenian

Newsletter 3

The first year of the Erasmus+ project GAME-ED has flown by. In this time we have completed three out of a total of four IOs. And we have finally met in person. In this newsletter, you can read more about IO3 and the meeting in Szeged. We invite you to take a look into the […]

Newsletter 2

The second newsletter in the project is here! Are you asking yourself what the project partners have done lately and what is waiting for them in the next few months? You are only one click away from finding out. ūüėȬ† newsletter_2_game-ed_English newsletter_2_game-ed_Hungarian newsletter_2_game-ed_Romanian newsletter_2_game-ed_Slovenian

Newsletter 1

Are you interested in what was done by now and what we are doing in the project? You want to know more about GAME-ED and you would like to express your opinion or ask us a question but don’t know how to contact the¬†partners? We invite you to read our first newsletter. Happy reading!¬† newsletter_1_game-ed_English […]